• Food & Ingredents Turkey
  • Şubat 2020
  • There is a very serious magazine to support the major export target of the Turkish food sector, one of the most important export items of Turkey: FOOD TURKEY MAGAZINE. As one of the youngest magazines of our Group and published totally in English, Food Turkey contains most recent news about the sector, company profiles, articles, new product promotions and introduction and news about the organizations operating in the sector. With the improvement of the packing in the sector very lovely and vivid pictures used in the magazine make the magazine more beautiful. It is sent to thousands of top-ranking officials and decision makers of international importers, the magazine is the voice of the Turkish food industry in the world. Published very quality, the magazine participates in the most important fairs of the sector such as SIAL, ANUGA, GULFOOD, JAPAN FOOD, etc., and is distributed free-of-charge.
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